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Marijuana Masa: Tortillas, Sopes, Gorditas

Yields34 ServingsPrep Time3 hrsCook Time40 minsTotal Time3 hrs 40 mins

Marijuana is boiled in water to soften and decarboxylate it, then it is incorporated into the masa dough mix for cannabis infused Tortillas.

Masa Ingredients
 4 - 12 Grams Dries Marijuana Flowers (Ground and Manicured)
 .5 Teaspoon Salt
 1 Cup Instant Masa Mix (More as needed)
 4 - 6 Cups Spring Water
Dish Ingredients
 Choice of meat
 Choice of cheese
 Fresh Onions
 Fresh Cilantro
 Choice of salsa
 Assorted Condiments of choice
Soften and Decarboxylate Marijuana

Bring 4 cups of water to a hard boil


Add ground and manicured marijuana into boiling water, reduce heat and cover


Simmer on low for at least [timer length=120]2 Hours[/timer].


You will know when the marijuana mixture is ready by the color and smell. It will darken to a brown color and the smell will richen into a pungent, medicinal tea smell. Keep the heat low, but keep it slightly boiling. Add water as needed. You want to reduce about %60 of the moisture and target for about 2 cups full mass of water and marijuana at the end.


Remove from heat, transfer entire mix to a mixing bowl and let cool for about [timer length=20]20 Minutes[/timer].

Make Masa Dough and Grill Tortillas

Decide on your choice of Sopes (About 6), Gorditas (2 -3 ) or Tortillas (About 4).


Preheat a iron skillet, griddle or thick bottomed frying pan to med - high heat. You may want to add a small amount of oil if your pan is dry or unseasoned.


Add the salt and Masa Flour Mix into the marijuana and water mixture. Mix it into a stiff dough. Add more water and Masa mix until you can form a nice, wet, sticky dough that will hold together when pressed thin.


Using water to keep your hands very moist, form the dough into a round ball, then pat out between your hands into the chosen shape. Keep as much moisture as possible on your hands and the tortillas and place them directly on the preheated pan. Cook them on each side until the surface begins to brown. (Some may choose to cook Sopes lightly then use steam to complete the cooking and make them soft.)


When the Tortillas, Gorditas or Sopes are cooked, remove them from the pan and keep them warm and covered until ready to serve to keep them moist and make them pliable.

Assemble Meal

The variety of ways that you can use or top the tortillas is virtually endless. I chose some fresh onion and cilantra, refried beans, Cojita Cheese along with green and red salsa.


I also to cooked some seasoned Carne Asade in a frying pan, keeping the juice for a light cream gravy which was delicious over a hefty portion of beef on the gordita.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 34