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Dragon’s Blood – Cinnamon ABV Alcohol Tincture

Yields1420 ServingsPrep Time15 minsCook Time6 hrs 30 minsTotal Time6 hrs 45 mins

Dragon's Blood Marijuana Tincture uses ABV (Already Been Vaped) cannabis flowers combined with grain alcohol and Red Hots cinnamon candies for a simple cordial with a sweet and tasty kick.

 14 Grams Ground ABV Marijuana
 1.25 Pints 151+ Proof Grain Alcohol
 .5 Cup Red Hots Candies

Place the Red Hots in a metal pan, cover the pan with a couple of layers of plastic wrap. Using another small pan, smash the Red Hots into smaller pieces. No need to grind them too much, just crack them so they will grind in the processor.


Pour the cracked candies into a food processor and grind them into a powder. there will be larger pieces but grind the best you can using your device.


Now combine the ground ABV marijuana, 1 Cup of the grain alcohol and all of the red hots into a mason jar, or another heat safe container that can be boiled in water. Cover and shake vigorously to combine the ingredients.


In a pan of water on very low heat, put the mason jar uncovered, or covered very loosely into the water bath.


For 6 hours occasionally stir and mix the ingredients of the mason jar. You can remove it from the water and shake it to make sure you have nothing sticking to the bottom.


Keep the heat very low, below boiling and just to the point that the alcohol in the water bath will emit tiny bubbles slightly from the bottom and edges of the jar.


After about 6 hours, remove the jar from the water bath. Using a mesh strainer, drain the alcohol into a clean container and set aside.


Return the ABV and crushed candy mixture into the mason jar. Add the remaining pint of grain alcohol and more if need to cover the mixture in the jar. Again shake vigorously. Now let the mixture sit for 15 Minutes then shake again.


Now strain the new rinse of alcohol into the previous alcohol infusion. Pour the combined alcohol through a funnel fitted with a coffee filter into you preferred storage or serving containers.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 1420