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Cuisine: ABV (Already Been Vaped)

These recipes use ABV marijuana (Already Been Vaped) to infuse THC into the food.

5X Cannabis Baked Flan

In honor of Cinco de Mayo I made 5X Baked Flan, which is infused with 5 Kinds of Cannabis. Cooking With Marijuana taken up a notch!

By Infused Eats

Dragon’s Blood – Cinnamon ABV Alcohol Tincture

Dragon's Blood Marijuana Tincture uses ABV (Already Been Vaped) cannabis flowers combined with grain alcohol and Red Hots cinnamon candies for a simple cordial with a sweet and tasty kick.

By Infused Eats

CannaBanana Bread with ABV Marijuana Butter

ABV marijuana and Decarbed cannabis is used to make cannabutter and then deliciously edible medicated cannabanana bread.

By Infused Eats