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Category: Savory Dishes and Sides

Savory main course dishes and cannabis infused sides for complete marijuana meals,

Cannabis Infused Chicken Alfredo Sourdough Pizza

A deliciously savory Cannabis Infused Chicken Alfredo pizza with a tangy sourdough crust that will push your taste buds and mind to the limits.

By Infused Eats

Honey Whole Weed Multi Grain Bread

Hearty and lightly sweet Cannabis Infused Multi Grain Loaves perfect for breakfast toast, snacks or delicious deli style sandwich.

By Infused Eats

Cannabis Kokoda (Fiji Island Ceviche)

Cannabis Kokoda is a deliciously crisp summertime recipe which is a refreshing Marijuana Infused Fiji Island Ceviche infused with marijuana using both cannabis infused coconut milk and oil.

By Infused Eats

Cannabis Infused Jalapeno Nacho Cheese Sauce

Homemade Jalapeno Nacho Cheese is already a deliciously comforting food that is adaptable to many different recipes, but infuse it with cannabis for the ultimate party food or an everyday munchies snack.

By Infused Eats

Weerd Bread (Easy Weed Beer Bread)

Possibly the easiest cannabis bread recipe which also so happens to include beer as one of the only 5 ingredients. How awesome is this? Only one way to find out, make some Weerd Bread for yourself.

By Infused Eats

Cannabis Infused Beef Jerky

Cannabis Infused Beef Jerky is a fast acting medicated snack that can store without refrigeration for up to 2 weeks. This jerky will make you twerky.

By Infused Eats

Cannabis Beef Steak Pinwheels with Spinach

Cannabis infused beef steak pinwheels is a delicious savory dish that allows us to use the full plant material blending the flavors and textures to mask the marijuana and it's taste almost completely.

By Infused Eats

Smashed and Roasted Red Potatoes with Herbs

Smashed and Roasted Red Potatoes with Herbs is a delicious and savory side dish using olive oil to infuse cannabis and herbs into an aromatic and tasty cooking oil.

By Infused Eats

Marijuana Masa: Tortillas, Sopes, Gorditas

Marijuana is boiled in water to soften and decarboxylate it, then it is incorporated into the masa dough mix for cannabis infused Tortillas.

By Infused Eats