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Category: Marijuana Oils and Butters

Marijuana Coconut oil infusion, cannabis butter infusions, vegetable oil, olive oil and many other marijuana infusion methods and recipes.

Cannabis Infused Cocoa Butter

Learn a very easy way to make Cannabis Infused Cocoa Butter For making chocolate, lotions, ointments and more.

By Infused Eats

​ Kief Infused Clarified Butter Cannabis Pollen Ghee

A quick and easy recipe for highly effective ​ Kief Infused Clarified Butterotherwise known a/ Cannabis Pollen Ghee

By Infused Eats

Classic Marijuana Brownies

Classic Marijuana Brownies are made with cannabutter infused with a little bit of a twist to produce a deliciously refined gooey marijuana brownies recipe that will tease your taste buds and your brain.

By Infused Eats