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Category: Breakfast Foods

Morning is not just for the wake and bake any more. These marijuana infused breakfast goodies will get you off on the right foot.

Classic Moroccan Majoun

Moroccan Majoun is an ancient recipe using dates, nuts, honey, butter, cannabis flower and/or kief/ hash to make a powerful, sweet snack, dessert or breakfast dish.

By Infused Eats

Cannabis Infused Chocolate Hazelnut Spread with Espresso

Jack Herrer is specified in this recipe due to its fragrant on flowery aroma and flavor but you can use another Sativa strain if you like of even an Indica if you prefer in this uplifting caffeine paired morning spread.

By Infused Eats

Cannabis Infused Cinnamon Rolls (Shelf Stable)

These marijuana sweet rolls will stay fresh on the shelf for 3 - 4 days with only a light cover. No eggs, or milk are used and the butter has been clarified to oil for a very shelf stable recipe especially for cinnamon rolls.

By Infused Eats

Cannabis Crunch Berry Banana Breakfast Smoothie

What better way to start your day than with a berry banana breakfast smoothie infused with your favorite cannabis strain?

By Infused Eats

BHO Bacon and Cheese Marijuana Waffles

Marijuana concentrates are used with bacon and cheese for a mouth shattering medicated breakfast recipe for fluffy cannabis BHO waffles.

By Infused Eats

Marijuana Infused Milk & Coffee /Cocoa Drinks

What better way to enjoy your morning coffee than infusing cannabis into milk or cream and then making hot and cold marijuana coffee and cocoa drinks. Great at night too.

By Infused Eats