Cooking With Cannabis Made Easy!
Infused Eats makes it easy for you to make cannabis infused foods, desserts and drinks by providing detailed instructions and video tutorials. So dive into the recipes and start enjoying your own cannabis infused food at home today! (18+ Years Only)
Infused Eats - Cannabis Recipes
Cannabis Infused Baba GhanoushBy InfusedEatsGanja Ghanoush is a variation of traditional Baba Ghanoush using homemade cannabis infused Tahini paste and roasted eggplant.
Cannabis Infused Jalapeno PoppersBy InfusedEatsCannabis Infused Jalapeno Poppers with chive, cheddar, cream cheese and bacon are a fresh and spicy summertime recipe.
Cannabis Infused Faux Fig JamBy InfusedEatsThis Faux Fig Jam is sweet & delicious on warm biscuits or a PB&J plus the added benefits of being infused with cannabis.
Cannabis Infused Taco BeefBy InfusedEatsDelicious and simple marijuana recipe is perfect for making tacos, nachos, burritos, Sloppy Jose or any number of recipes.
Bacon Cheddar CannaburgersBy InfusedEatsPacked with cannabis, cheddar cheese, bacon and onion, better grab the big buns 'cuz this cannabis burger is a monster!
Cannabis Peach Cream Cheese PieBy InfusedEatsCannabis infused Peach Pie combines fresh tart peaches with a cream cheese base for a decadent combo of peach pie & cheesecake.
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